Volunteer Acknowledgement


Hi Legends!

Thank you for becoming a part of the UNIFY Gathering Volunteer Team and contributing to our 7th year of heavy music in South Gippsland!

We are excited to be able to finally festival again in Tarwin Meadows, and we couldn’t do it without your help!

To secure your position as a Volunteer, and to confirm your commitment to both the volunteer team and festival, we ask you to complete the below Volunteer Acknowledgement process.

This process exists to make sure the volunteering opportunity is accessible to all applicants (as we don’t ask you to pay for a full priced ticket upfront) whilst ensuring you are serious in your intention to participate.

This, along with a Positive Mental Attitude and a community-minded approach, means we can deliver a strong team of awesome humans that brings the magic to the festival.



– All Volunteer Team members provide their credit card details via the PAY NOW button below.

– UNIFY (via The Hills Are Alive’s system) process a non-refundable $9.50 AUD administrative charge from this card to ensure it works and securely store your credit card details

If you turn up to your shifts at the event your credit card will receive no further charges.

If you don’t turn up to your shift, or don’t meet the conditions of the Acknowledgement as listed below – the price of a standard ticket ($255.36 AUD) plus a $100.00 (AUD) “Administration fee” will be charged to your card.
This administration exists to ensure we have the resources to fill your position at short notice.

If you have any questions at all, please contact the Volunteer Support Team directly at [email protected]

Looking forward to welcoming you to Tarwin Meadows for the UNIFY Gathering Forever addition!

Volunteer Support Team



By clicking the below ‘PAY NOW’ button and completing the verification fee payment process I am confirming I am willing to participate as a volunteer at UNIFY Gathering 2022.

I understand that I will be working a minimum of 10 hours (2 x 5 hour shifts) across the 3 days of the event. For those wishing to attend early on Thursday, 15 hours (3 x 5-hour shifts) are required across the 4 days.

I understand, acknowledge and declare:

– That I have volunteered to provide services in exchange for one ticket giving me admission into UNIFY Gathering 2022 (including camping).

– That if I fail to perform the services required for the period specified and/or I am involved in theft, loitering or trespassing and/or do not arrive for my allocated shift on time and in a fit state to complete my shift I will forfeit my ticket for entry into UNIFY Gathering and be charged the price of a General Admission Ticket ($255.36AUD) to my nominated credit card along with a $100.00AUD administration fee.

– That I am not in the employment of the venue, UNIFY Gathering, or the artists performing.

-That a $9.50AUD non-refundable verification fee will be deducted from my nominated credit card and my credit card details will be securely stored until I have completed my volunteer commitment.

As a volunteer at UNIFY Gathering I agree to abide by all Occupational Health and Safety standards, as stipulated by the Event and to follow all health and safety instructions provided by any supervisor/manager or safety officers.This includes all emergency evacuation procedures.

As a volunteer I will be covered by Red Hill Entertainment Pty workers compensation insurance for any injuries or accidents that could happen while volunteering on the festival site.

As a participant at this Event I am also required to meet the Terms & Conditions of entry to the Event.


Within the current external environment, It may be a requirement (including but not limited to public health orders and industry requirements) that all attendees, staff and volunteers are required to show proof of vaccination to be eligible to attend the festival. As such, UNIFY Gathering may require certification of this status prior to rostering/shift attendance if required by the Government. It is your responsibility to meet these obligations if you engage to volunteer with the Event.

Any changes in this space will be communicated with you accordingly.


By completing the Volunteer Acknowledgement I have applied and been accepted into the program. Any submissions made by unconfirmed applicants will not be valid.



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