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Where is Unify Gathering held?
When do the gates open?
What time can I arrive with early access pass?
When does the arena open?
How many people will come to Unify?
Are there age restrictions at Unify?
Is Unify a BYO event?
Is there food available on site?
Will there be good coffee at Unify?
What is Pitcoin?
Can I use cash to pay for stuff if I haven’t purchased PITCOIN?
Where can I purchase PITCOIN?
How Does PITCOIN work?
How do I know how much is remaining on my wristband?
Can I get a refund on any PITCOIN I don’t spend?
Conditions of Entry - Festival
Prohibited Items
Can I setup a tent next to my car?
Can I sleep in my car/campervan?
Can I bring a couch to Unify?
Can I move between the campground and the carpark?
Will there be showers at this years event?
I'd like to have a stall or food truck at Unify
Are passouts available?
Can I leave on Friday/Saturday night?
What if I am staying locally?
Can I leave early on the Sunday afternoon?
How do I volunteer for Unify?
I have a question about volunteering. Where should I direct it?
Is Unify a camping festival? and how will this run?
Is there a chance the event could be cancelled due to fire risk?
Will there be disabled toilets at the festival?
Will there be a viewing platform for those in wheelchairs?
Do you offer pre-pitched camping options?
How many hours do I have to volunteer for?
How do I become a volunteer?
Do I need to provide my own tent?
Is there a volunteer camping area?
When do I get sent my volunteer ticket?
What if I've already purchased a ticket to the festival?
When do I find out if I have been accepted as a volunteer?
When do I find out what role and shift times I have been allocated?
Do I have to be onsite at a specific time as a volunteer?
Can I arrive early if I volunteer?
Do I have a uniform?
When do I get my volunteer t-shirt?
What makes a good volunteer?
What is a volunteer agreement?
When are tickets for UNIFY Gathering going on-sale?
What is included in the GENERAL ADMISSION Ticket?
What is included in the TEMPLE BAR EXPERIENCE Ticket?
Do I need a Moshtix Account to purchase tickets?
I signed up for pre-sale, when will I get access to tickets?
Are pre-sale tickets cheaper than general release tickets?
I bought a ticket back in February, when will I receive this ticket?
What payment options are available to buy my ticket?
Do you have payment plan options?
What are the payment terms with Time to Pay?
Can I cancel my time to pay payments?
I have more questions about Time To Pay.
Does my name need to printed on the ticket?
I bought a ticket but can no longer attend, do you have resale facilities?
How can I upgrade my ticket?
I want to come to the Thursday pre-party, what pass do I need?
Does the $99 early access pass get me into the festival?
Can I buy a ticket for someone else?
I live overseas, how do I buy a ticket?
What’s the maximum number of tickets I can purchase?
I need to contact someone about my ticket.
Why didn't I receive my ticket?
Will you mail out my tickets?
What is your refund policy?
How do I change the name or date of birth on (re-issue) my ticket?
What should I do about typo’s in DOB and name?
Can I purchase a ticket for someone under the age of 18?
Is the festival site accessible?
What’s your policy on companions or carers?
Will there be a drop off/pick up point on the festival grounds?
Can I buy a single day ticket to the festival?
I plan to arrive late on Friday, will I be able to get in?
How do we keep our belongings / valuables safe while camping?
Do you offer free ticket if it’s my birthday?
Are you offering ticket x merch bundles this year?
Does a 4WD with tent attachment quality for the caravan/campervan pass?
What are the terms and conditions for Time to Pay?
How do I upgrade General Admission Ticket to a Temple Bar Ticket?
Will there be ticket & merch bundles like previous years?
Is an early access pass valid for a group?
Is a 4WD with tent attachment allowed in the campervan area?
I have a caravan but my friends don’t, can they camp beside me?
I am towing a caravan on a towbar in order to camp, how many passes do i need?
How do I top up PITCOIN?